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Occupational injury

Personal injury after an accident at work, or occupational disease

If you have been injured in an accident at work, you are included in your employer's occupational injury insurance. The occupational injury insurance is compulsory. Even if your employer has not taken out this occupational injury insurance you will nevertheless be able to claim compensation.

The same applies if you are afflicted by an occupational disease, which is on an equal footing with occupational injuries. An occupational disease may for example be a lung disease such as cancer, chronic bronchitis, chronic occupational lung disease or general loss of lung function. Other types of occupational disease may be reduced hearing, tinnitus, eye injury etc.

When you suffer an injury or develop a disease at work it may be difficult to follow up the compensation case yourself. Your case depends on taking the correct actions with the person or organisation responsible for causing the injury and the relevant insurance companies, within set deadlines. For occupational injuries and occupational diseases there are also various deadlines that must be adhered in respect of NAV, the Norwegian Health Economics Administration (‘HELFO’) and/or Patient Travel ('pasientreiser').

An occupational injury will trigger a number of rights under National Insurance. However this is conditional upon NAV approving the disease as being caused by your occupation. The injury may also be covered under the respective central government or municipal basic collective agreement if you are a public service employee.

We have more than 25 years' experience of assisting injured parties with the basic law of damages, where key topics include questions such as:

  • Causation (clarifying whether the personal injury results from the accident or whether the disease is an occupational disease);
  • Calculation of loss (preparation of the claim for compensation including documentation showing that the loss is due to the accident/disease);
  • Negotiation (negotiating the best possible compensation offer).

From our offices in Sandvika, Ski, Halden and Asker we provide legal services to private individuals, businesses, organisations and municipalities all over Norway. We also provide legal assistance to foreign individuals and businesses in Norway.

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